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NYSI Sport Science Workshop 

NOV/DEC 2016
NYSI Sport Science Workshop (Nov-Dec_2016).png            Please click link below to download workshop slides: 
            Week 1:    Preparation & Recovery
                              - Pre-sleep routine

            Week 2:    Nutrition & Hydration

            Week 3:    Mental Skill for Youth Athletes

            Week 4:    Video Feedback 

            Week 5:    Injury Prevention & Management 

            Week 6:    Conditioning For Youth Athletes 

JAN - DEC 2017
nysi-workshop-2017.png            NOTE:
            Slides are similar to the Nov/Dec 2016 workshop; 
            except for   MAR/APR:  Nutrition & Hydration (Mar/Apr '17)  
                                MAR/APR:  Talent Identification & Development (Mar/Apr '17) 
                                MAY/JUNE: Ramadan Implications for Youth Athletes (May/June '17) 
                                NOV/DEC:  Talent Identification & Development (Nov/Dec'17) 

                    *Please click on Nov/Dec 2016 workshop links to download the remaining slides.