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Athlete Support Programme Huddle

ASP huddle 08.jpg

Participants of the first Huddle for student-athletes under the Athletics Support Programme (ASP).

On 19 June 2018, the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) organised its inaugural Huddle for student-athletes under the Athletics Support Programme (ASP). 

The ASP is a new programme meant to provide sports science and coaching support for student-athletes who finished in the top 16 of their events at the National Schools Track and Field Championships. It hopes to achieve continuity among track and field student-athletes in Singapore. 

A total of 32 participants attended the Huddle, who ranged from lower secondary to junior college student-athletes. They had the chance to mingle with one another through ice-breaker games, as well as listen to a sharing on sports science, athlete life, and how NYSI can support them.

They also gained nutrition tips during a snack break, before setting off for an Amazing Race where they competed in groups to complete as many given tasks in the vicinity of the Sports Hub.

ASP huddle 15.jpgParticipants listening to a sports science sharing during the Huddle.

ASP huddle 14.jpgParticipants receiving some nutrition tips before munching on the snacks provided.

ASP huddle 01.jpegParticipants imitating an advertisement at the 100-Plus Promenade outside the National Stadium as part of a task in the Amazing Race segment.

ASP huddle 03.jpegParticipants posing for a team photo at the NTUC Fairprice store in Kallang Wave Mall during the Amazing Race segment. 

ASP huddle 02.jpegParticipants in a running pose at the Home of Athletics to complete a Boomerang task as part of the Amazing Race segment.

ASP Huddle 11.jpgParticipants posing for a Boomerang at the Sports Hub beach volleyball courts during the amazing race segment.

ASP huddle 10.jpgPrize winners of the Amazing Race

ASP huddle 09.jpgPrize winners of the Amazing Race