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Understanding Long-Term Athletic Development 

Practical Application For Long-Term Athletic Development
This article offers a framework for practical, functional and sequential skill development to assist coaches with a “best practices” model to develop a movement vocabulary, physical literacy, and movement skills that improve athleticism... Read More
  Infographic On Long-Term Athlete Development - The Canadian Experience
NYSI Infographic about how LTAD was implemented in Canada... Read More
The Dark Side Of Going For Gold
How athletes fail to cope with post-Olympic depression regardless of whether they have been successful during the Games. The article goes on by explaining the need to build an identity off the playing field to cope with this anxiety... Read More
  They Can Hit 400-Foot Homers, But Paying Catch? That’s Tricky
Reflection of youth coaches on how they have noticed a shift in the way kids train for baseball. The main aim of playing youth sports is to get an athletic scholarship and kids are going all out to impress but lack the fundamental skills. The new generation of top baseball players spend little time throwing across the diamond... Read More
Youth Physical Development Model
This video created by Sports Coach UK and Sport Scotland looks at the 'Youth Physical Development Model', and what this means for the development of 'Fundamental Movement Skills'. This animated video explains terms used in the model and the differences between the male and female versions... Read More
  A Shorter Guide To Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
A short guide of LTAD for British swimming looking at reasons for LTAD, current sport system issues and the framework... Read More
ABCs Of Movement
This video by Sports Coach UK explains the importance of nurturing physical confidence in youth by developing fundamental movement skills... Read More
  The Danish Way Of Creating Champions
In this article, the author explains how the sports development program of Denmark is different. In their talent development environment, they try to nurture and motivate as many athletes for as long as possible. Not only do they aim to attain sporting success, they create people who are able to cope with their life and career... Read More
LTAD - The Canadian Experience By Stephen Norris
NYSI Youth Coaching Conference 2017 keynote speaker, Stephen Norris, on the Canadian's LTAD experience... Read More
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