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NYSI Physiologist - Jericho Wee


Jericho Wee, NYSI Sport Physiologist, got his start as an intern.

Q: Can you share with us when you started in NYSI and what sparked your interest in the job.

Jericho: I was in the fitness industry before. I started as an intern at NYSI and the interaction with the athletes really sparked my interest in high-performance sport.

Q: Can you summarise your job scope and bring us through a typical day in your job?

Jericho: I basically monitor athletes and how they are adapting to training. 

Usually what this entails is getting feedback from them through the athlete monitoring system, or doing fitness assessments and establishing baselines to see where they are. Subsequently, putting in place an intervention to help them improve.

We do a lot of reading to keep up with what practitioners out there are doing. We also analyse the data that comes in everyday, and track how our athlete is performing on a daily basis.

Q: What is the favourite part of your job?

Jericho: The best part about being in NYSI is working with the athletes and a culture where all my colleagues are keeping themselves healthy. Also, they are very fun people to hang out with!

Q: How have your studies/input influenced an athlete’s training regime?

Jericho: Through the fitness assessments with some of the athletes, it allows me to highlight gaps in their training and where they are compared to norms or competitor countries. Basically, it helps to identify what interventions can help them improve.

Q: Have you utilised your knowledge from Physiology in your personal sporting endeavours?

Jericho: I was from dragon boat, and how I applied Sport Science was giving them Strength and Conditioning programmes based on scientific literature and also based on what we at NYSI practice. I also monitor the status of my teammates as well.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to budding athletes in Singapore?

Jericho: Don’t give up on your dreams, keep working hard, and always have the mindset of pushing yourself to the next level. Just remember that you are not on this journey alone. There are other youth athletes out there, so support each other and, go Singapore!


Jericho demonstrating a test to climbers.


Jericho squeezing in a workout during a lunch break. 

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