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NYSI hosts training camp for Waseda University Sprint Team


Athletes and coaches from Waseda University and their Singaporean counterparts during the sharing huddle.

The National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) hosted another Track and Field training camp from 19 - 23 February for Japanese student-athletes. This time around, it was a contingent of six athletes and their coach from Waseda University in Tokyo. The contingent was in town to take advantage of Singapore’s tropical climate.

On top of their training sessions at Kallang Practice Track, NYSI also arranged for a pair of sharing huddles which saw local coaches and student-athletes engage their Japanese counterparts.

Melvin Tan, NYSI Track & Field Coordinator, shared his takeaways from the huddle. He said, "The session was enriching. The idea about stepping on a marker in the maximal speed phase is definitely new to me as we are accustomed to running over mini-hurdles. I have incorporated the drills in my training and the response from the athletes has been positive. Additionally, the Japanese are really professional and meticulous in their approach. Their athletes adopt a no nonsense attitude at training, their training sessions are short but very effective.”

“Looking at the coaches and athletes from Waseda University, I am amazed by their coordination ability and skill level, their emphasis on basics and strength to overcome challenges. However, what impresses me most is their 100% commitment to what they believe in, to put in the time and effort and resources to ensure that they succeed, and not just doing it for show.”

During the student-athlete huddle, our athletes engaged in a lively dialogue, comparing their lives as student-athletes with their Japanese counterparts. 

Karthic Harish Ragupathy, a 1500m runner from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), came away impressed after the athlete’s sharing session.

He said, “The resilience displayed by the Japanese athletes inspired me. We could learn a lot from them from their approach to time management. When they’re not training, they’re either studying, resting or improving themselves in one way or another.”

“The sharing session was thoroughly enjoyable and enriching. Their work ethic, high standards, and laser focus struck me the most. The Japanese system encourages excellence and these athletes will stop at nothing,” he added.

NYSI also conducted an athlete profiling assessment at the Kallang Practice Track for the Waseda student-athletes.  Ivan Ee, NYSI Performance Analyst, and Marcus Lee, NYSI Physiologist, put the Waseda student-athletes through a series of tests that included counter-movement jumps, a 70m sprint, and a 1500m time trial. The assessment provided their coach an understanding of each athlete to help him make informed decisions about their training.


Marcus Lee, NYSI Physiologist, putting a Waseda University student-athlete through a sprint test.


Athlete profiling assessments were conducted at Kallang Practice Track.

IMG_7989 (1).JPGIvan Ee, NYSI Performance Analyst, analyzes results from the assessments.