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NYSI YOG Support

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NYSI supported 18 Singaporean youth athletes in the lead up to the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 6 to 18 October 2018. They represented Singapore in 10 sports. 

NYSI Sport Science staff held workshops and one-on-one sessions for the athletes to prepare them. 

“As some of the athletes had not been to a major games prior to YOG, it was important that they kept their head in the nutrition game regardless of the distractions, unfamiliarity and stress of the YOG,” said Dr Jamie Lye, who conducted nutrition workshops to help the youth athletes become independent and self-sufficient. 

“YOG being my first major games and international world competition, I had no idea what to expect,” said Kampton Kam, who represented Singapore in the high jump.

“Our golden competition nutrition rule is, ‘Do not try anything new on competition day’. Therefore, before an overseas competition, we will try to get a copy of the competition schedule and get the athlete to plan his/her nutrition prior to leaving Singapore. This way, we minimise the stress due to unforeseen food-related events happening,” Jamie explained. 

Gabriel Choong, NYSI Physiologist, also prepared individualised jet-lag management plans for the athletes, coaches and support staff to improve their sleep habits for better recovery. He noticed an improvement in their sleeping habits which allowed them to train and prepare better leading up to the YOG. 

“The youth athletes learnt the importance of sleep and good pre-sleep routine to get enough quantity and good quality sleep after the one-to-one discussions. Results of the sleep monitors we loaned to them showed improved sleep quality and quantity, which meant they were practicing and reaping the positive outcomes of better recovery,” Gabriel shared. 

Six of our athletes finished top-8 in their sport. Jaslyn Hooi came closest to medalling when she finished fourth in the women’s badminton singles tournament. Her achievement was all the more remarkable as she had an ankle sprain in the preliminary round.

“I do wonder if my performance would have been better if I hadn’t sprained my foot but I have no regrets because despite that sprain, I really gave my all at YOG,” Jaslyn reflected. 

“Jocelyn Yong (NYSI Physiotherapist) rushed down immediately to make sure I was okay after she heard the news (of my sprain). From then on, she was with me every step of the way during the games.” 

“Overall, YOG really was a wonderful experience. I become stronger and smarter in YOG,” added Jaslyn. 

“The competition was on a whole other level than I expected - fun yet intense. I felt honoured and humbled to meet many athletes from various countries who were so successful in their sports but at the same time down-to-earth,” said Kampton, who finished 7th at the YOG. 

Kampton was ranked top-10 in the world in his age-group heading into the YOG. In the build-up to the games, NYSI worked with him and his coach to deliver targeted nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy and strength and conditioning support. 

“I feel that the help NYSI provided me with has benefitted me holistically, both physically and mentally. Throughout this journey to YOG, I have broadened my horizon on the multiple aspects of sport that contribute to performance excellence. I’m thankful for the help NYSI has given me!” said Kampton. 

Our athletes that went to YOG: 


Kampton Kam


Jaslyn Hooi


Joel Koh


Tamara Ong


Matthew Lim


Sophia Meyers


Chia Teck Pin


Marsha Shahrin


Alexander Lim


Amanda Mark


Mark Chan

Sport Climbing

Gan Ching Hwee


Christie Chue


Ong Jung Yi


Maximillian Ang


Koen Pang

Table Tennis

Goi Rui Xuan

Table Tennis

Emma Middleditch



Athletes that finished top-8: 

  1. Kampton Kam (Athletics, High Jump), 7th  
  2. Jaslyn Hooi (Badminton), 4th  
  3. Ching Hwee (Swimming, Women’s 800m Freestyle), 6th                             
  4. Alexander Lim (Windsurfing), 7th  
  5. Maximillian Ang (Swimming, 200m Breaststroke), 7th  
  6. Koen Pang (Table Tennis), 8th  

Jamie .jpg

Dr Jamie Lye, NYSI Senior Sport Dietitian.

Gabriel .jpgGabriel Choong, NYSI Physiologist.

Kampton.jpgKampton Kam, Athletics, High Jump - (7th).

jaslyn badminton.jpgJaslyn Hooi, Badminton - (4th).


Maximillian Ang, Swimming, 200m Breaststroke - (7th).

Koen Pang, Table Tennis - (8th).

Gan Ching Hwee.jpg
Gan Ching Hwee, Swimming, Women’s 800m Freestyle - (6th).

Alexander Lim, Windsurfing - (7th).

YOG athletes with NYSI staff at the NYSI Satellite @ Kallang.