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The JSA programme is part of MOE's provision for primary school students with higher abilities in the physical domain. It provides opportunities for these students to discover their sporting strength and passion.

Subsequently, they can pursue a sport with more targeted support from relevant sports organisations from secondary school onwards.

How it works:

  • Participation in the JSA programme is by selection only.
  • Your child can be nominated for the selection trial by you or their teachers.
  • Nominations must be done through your child’s school.
  • The programme will be conducted from Semester 2 of Primary 4 to Semester 1 of Primary 6.

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The JSA Programme introduces strength and conditioning exercises to the students to help them understand how it can help them improve their sports performance. Strength and conditioning exercises are a crucial part to an athlete’s development as they allow an athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, prevent injuries, increase mobility, learn new movement patterns and enhance coordination and peripheral skills.

Coaches and parents are able to download the JSA Strength and Conditioning Guide from here.