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Sports Parents Handbook

Parents highly influence their children to take part and stay in sports. They provide the necessary financial, logistical - and most critically - emotional support that allows their child to flourish in his or her sport. However, if not mindful, parents can also exert a negative influence on the sporting experience of a child (Elliot & Drummond, 2017) and potentially cause them to drop out of sports.

The goal is to get each adult youth sports stakeholder (parents, coaches) working together in the best interests of the youth athlete (Blom, Viskek, & Harris, 2013; Brustad, Babkes, & Smith, 2001) so they can reach their highest potential.

Being a parent of a youth athlete can be challenging, thus we hope the contents in this handbook may guide you and your child in the pursuit of positive experiences in the world of sports.

Click here to read the full Youth Sports Parent Handbook: YOUTH SPORT PARENT HANDBOOK.pdf