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NYSI supports Silat youth athletes with nutrition workshop


Ng Ee Ling, NYSI Sport Dietitian, taking the Silat youth athletes through an interactive activity to help them remember the key learning points. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - The energy in the room was high. The Silat youth athletes were engaged in an online game of Kahoot! which tested what they had just learnt in the nutrition workshop organised by the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI).

The game quizzed the athletes on the functions of different types of nutrients that Ng Ee Ling, NYSI Sport Dietitian had taught them.

Youth athlete Nur Hadi Bin Norshamsuddi reflected after the workshop, "Most of us thought that milk was just for rebuilding our bones. But from the activity, we also learnt that milk gives us energy." He shared that he would now make it a habit to drink at least 4 to 5 cups of milk daily after learning more about its many benefits.

Through hands-on activities, the athletes also learnt the importance of planning their meals and hydration schedule to better suit their training intensities. 

Nadhrah Binte Sahrin added, "I learnt new things like how we should have snacks like Milo bars 30 minutes before training sessions. I also learnt that there are different groups of foods with different functions, so we should schedule our meals properly."

Team manager Noor Zakiah Binte May Yim summed up, "Before the team came for the workshop, they had little knowledge about what they should eat before, during and after trainings. This workshop gave a lot of information about how they should choose the right food."


Silat youth athletes learning about different foods. 


Silat youth athletes preparing chocolate milk using the NYSI Recovery Tube. 


Silat youth athletes at the NYSI nutrition workshop on 18 June 2019.