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1.      Who is ‘I LIKE’ developed for?

‘I LIKE’ is developed for children aged 6-12 years old.


2.      What is ‘I LIKE’?

‘I LIKE’ is a questionnaire (for your child) that would bring him/her through 18 different movements. Your child will be asked to rate how much they enjoy the movement.

3.      What is the purpose of ‘I LIKE’ and how does it work?

‘I LIKE’ helps your child identify their sports based on their preferred movement patterns (e.g. catching, throwing) or preferences (e.g. indoor/outdoor, contact/non-contact sports).

4.      Do I need to pay to use ‘I LIKE’?

Usage of ‘I LIKE’ is free when your child logs in with his/her assigned User Name (e.g. 123A) and Date of Birth (e.g. 04/25/2008; MM/DD/YYYY format).

5.      What are the range of sports ‘I LIKE’ recommends in the results page?

The range of sports includes: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Climbing, Combat Sports, Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Kayak, Netball, Rugby, Sailing, Shooting, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo.

6.      Is ‘I LIKE’ reliable?

‘I LIKE’ is developed by NYSI in collaboration with Ghent University. It is formulated based on coaches’ opinions on how important these movement patterns are with regard to their respective sport. These findings are based on scientific research practices, and the works have been published by Ghent University.

7.      How does ‘I LIKE’ benefit my child?

‘I LIKE’ allows your child to understand the range of sports he/she may be better at. This may encourage your child to try a variety of sports that he/she might otherwise not have attempted.

8.      Why is ‘I LIKE’ important for my child?

Understanding your child’s sporting interest will help you and your child choose a suitable sport. It is also more likely for your child to pursue excellence in the sport that he/she enjoys.

9.      Do the results of ‘I LIKE’ mean my child will excel in the sport?

‘I LIKE’ does not guarantee your child will excel in the sport but will help your child discover his/her interests. If your child already plays a sport, ‘I LIKE’ provides alternatives that your child might try to give him a beneficial multi-sport exposure.

10.   Is ‘I LIKE’ confidential? What happens to the test results and the children’s data?

Each child’s test results are stored in a secured digital platform that is managed by NYSI. Data collected from test results are confidential. Only NYSI personnel have access to the data.

11.   My child would love to participate in the sports recommended by ‘I LIKE’. However, my child’s school does not offer them. Where can I find opportunities to participate?

You may find opportunities to participate from the respective National Sports Associations and ActiveSG.

SportProgramme Type(s) | Age GroupWeblink
  • Kids & Youth | 7-16 years old
  • Specialised Programme | 9-99 years old
ActiveSG Athletics Academy

ActiveSG Badminton Academy
  • 11-14 years old 
ActiveSG Basketball Academy
  • National Youth Development Programme - Centres of Excellence 
Singapore Bowling Federation
  • Kid-in-a-Kayak (KIAK) | 14 years & below 
ActiveSG Canoe Academy
Flying Disc
  • Learn to Play Flying Disc | 10-13 years old
  • Learn to Play Flying Disc | 14-17 years old 
ActiveSG Flying Disc
  • Cubs | 7-12 years old
  • Youth | 13-16 years old 
ActiveSG Football Academy
Golf Singapore Golf Association
  • U12 Season Programme | 5-12 years old
  • U16 Season Programme | 13-16 years old 
ActiveSG Hockey Academy
Martial Arts
  • Aikido - Youth & Adult Classes 
ActiveSG Martial Arts Club
Sailing Singapore Sailing
Table Tennis ActiveSG Table Tennis Academy
  • Development Green | 10-16 years old
  • Selective (by invitation) | 8-12 years old
  • Junior Performance Brown (by invitation) | 
    9-15 years old
  • Performance (by invitation) | 12-19 years old
ActiveSG Tennis Academy
  • 7-12 years old
  • 13-17 years old 
ActiveSG Volleyball Academy
Water Polo
  • U7-U19 Seasonal Programme | 6-19 years old 
ActiveSG Water Polo Academy

12.   Who can I contact to enquire more about this?

To access this tool, please email us at enquire@nysi.org.sg