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The National Youth Sports Institute

Who we are

Launched in November 2015, the NYSI is a youth-centric sporting organisation that aims to value-add and positively impact the Singapore youth sports ecosystem. Initiated by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, NYSI works closely with the Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sport Institute to drive youth sports development through the 4 functional areas of Talent Identification and Development, Youth Coaching, Sports Science and Athlete Life Management.

What we do 

NYSI is a centre of excellence with a mission to develop high performing student-athletes in Singapore and further enhance standards of youth athletes in the sport ecosystem. With bases at the Singapore Sports Hub and Singapore Sports School, NYSI’s dynamic team of experts create a unique environment where each and every student-athlete can reach their full potential. Comprising coaches, sports scientists, athlete mentors and administrators, the team employs innovative and evidence based solutions to maximise student-athlete development. We also reach out to various sports community in Singapore to provide learning and development opportunities for anyone who shares our passion for youth sport.

Why we do it

We believe in building an environment for youths to realise their sporting dreams and potential.

How we do it

NYSI builds on the Singapore Sports School’s capabilities in developing student-athletes by extending specialised support to high-performing student-athletes across all Singapore schools. NYSI achieves this via four key functional areas of Youth Coaching, Sports Science, Athlete Life Management and Talent Identification.

  • Youth Coaching – NYSI works closely with the National Coaching Academy, NSAs and schools to raise standards of youth coaching in Singapore. By providing learning and development opportunities the Youth Coaching team is creating a pipeline of skilled, driven coaches with strong integrity to develop the next generation of local sports talent.  
  • Sport Science – NYSI’s team of sport science and allied health practitioners use innovative and evidence-based approaches to support student-athletes across Singapore. Through understanding how our student-athletes develop physically, mentally and technically, the team is able to provide youth coaches with vital information to improve training practices and competition strategies.  
  • Athlete Life Management – NYSI believes that it is possible for student-athletes to successfully balance sports, academics and life. The Athlete Life Management team highlights educational and career pathways and facilitates work-based opportunities that allow student-athletes to fulfill their sporting potential while preparing themselves for a future beyond sport.
  • Talent Identification – NYSI’s Talent Identification and Development (TID) team continually builds relationships with key partners in youth sport to create a conducive environment for adolescents to develop their sporting potential. Through providing opportunities for these young adults to experience an array of sports and monitoring their progress, NYSI’s TID is paving the way for the champions of tomorrow.