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NYSI Sports Education Huddle

In our efforts to develop a youth athlete development pathway, the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) will be hosting the NYSI Sports Education Huddle on 24 February 2018.

Student-athletes will get a chance to hear from both local and private education institutions about their university sports and student life.

Your student-athletes will also get a chance to hear from ex-national athletes from the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) Athlete’s Commission to gain insights into how they succeeded as student-athletes.


NYSI Sports Education Huddle (24 February 2018)






1000 – 1130

Singapore Universities (NTU, NUS, SIM, SIT, SMU, SUTD)

This session will allow student-athletes to gain insights into university student-athlete life, how universities support their student-athletes for training and competition locally and overseas, and sports interest groups.


1130 – 1230

SNOC Athlete’s Commission

Ms. Dipna Lim-Prasad    - Track & Field

Ms. Chelsea Sim              - Taekwondo

Ms. Cassandra Soh          - Netball

Mr. Mark Chay                 - Swimming

This session will allow student-athletes to interact with current/ex-national athletes from various sports, to understand how they balanced sports and studies.


1230 – 1300

Presentation by International Sports Academy





1300 – 1330

Presentation by Singapore Institute of Management

1330 - 1400

Presentation by Added Sports

1400 - 1430

Presentation by James Cook University

1430 - 1500

Presentation by PSB Academy

*Note: For session 1 & 2, it will be a discussion forum between the student athletes and the presenters regarding sports and university life. For more information regarding entry requirements into the universities, the student-athletes should visit the respective institutions’ websites.

Interested participants are required to sign up for the event via this link (https://tinyurl.com/eduhuddle). Slots are based on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


We are located at:

NYSI Satellite @ Kallang  

1 Stadium Walk

Singapore 397688