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Bragging Rights Competition


Two student-athletes sprinting 100m on the WattBike during the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) Bragging Rights Competition.

From June to July, the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) conducted physical testing for over 400 student-athletes. The top athletes were then invited to the NYSI Bragging Rights Competition that was held on the sidelines of the Youth Athlete Development Conference to test who was the fastest, highest, and strongest.

Three tests were used for the competition. The 100m Wattbike Sprint measures the athlete’s ability to complete a 100m sprint in the fastest time. Kang Jun Jie (Republic Polytechnic) won the men’s category with a time of 5.07 seconds, while Pauline Ang (Singapore Institute of Management) won the women’s category with a time of 5.82 seconds.

The Countermovement Jump uses a force plate to measure the athlete’s ability to jump. The winners of the test were beach volleyball player Kingsley Tay (Singapore University of Technology and Design) who jumped 62.3cm and netball player Khor Ting Fang (National University of Singapore) with a 44cm effort.

The Inclined Chest Throw was the last test and measures the athlete’s ability to throw the a 6kg ball as far as possible while seated on an inclined bench. Kang Jun Jie (RP) got his second win with a score of 525cm while Stephanie Wan (SIM) won the women’s category with 350cm.  

Kingsley Tay commented: “I had so much fun participating in the NYSI Bragging Rights Competition. The event was well-organized and kudos to all the dedicated sport scientists! They gave clear instructions when it came to proper execution of the different exercises as well as ensuring safety.”