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Athletic Training Competency

Although Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) should be viewed holistically, a central mission is to build solid foundations of athleticism that enable developmental athletes to participate in sports and physical activity with effective, efficient, and safe technique. To this end, athletic training competencies (ATC) should form the foundational movements that underpin all athletic movements. To decrease the risk of injury, strength and conditioning coaches are required to ensure developmental athletes are robust enough to tolerate these loads; thus, it is important that they become technically competent and are able to produce and absorb forces across all components of the ATC spectrum.


Athletic Training Competency Playbooks

1. Core Stability Handout    ATC Core.pdf
2. Plyometrics Handout    ATC Plyo.pdf
3. Strength Handout    ATC Strength.pdf
4. Acceleration and Change of Direction Handout    ATC Acceleration and COD.pdf.pdf