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Instilling Growth Mindset in Youth Athletes

How A Growth Mindset Affects Sports Performance
The author compares the growth and fixed mindsets and explains how coaches are affected by and can manage the different mindsets... Read More
  Developing A Growth Mindset In Sport
Short video that explains the growth and fixed mindsets in sports... Read More
Mindsets: Developing Talent Through A Growth Mindset
Detailed description by Carol Dweck in the Olympic Coach Magazine on developing a growth mindset in sports talents... Read More
  How Michael Jordan's Mindset Made Him A Great Competitor
The article relates how Michael Jordan's mindset of hard work made him the greatest basketball player of all time... Read More
Developing A Proper Mindset In Raising Gifted And Talented Athletes
Prominent sports research scientist Roald Bahr laments the consequences of overloading and advocates for extra caution in managing expectations and workload for our most gifted athletes. We need to always be patient with the development and ensure other factors like sufficient rest, proper nutrition and principles of periodisation are adhered to... Read More
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