Growth & Maturation

Why An Autumn Birthday Would Win You First Place On Sports Day
This article explains the advantage young athletes born in the first quarter of the school year have over those born in other times of the year. It also provides suggestions on how to level the playing field and bridge this "relative age effect"... Read More
  The Epidemic That’s Ruining Youth Sports
This article presents the issue of overuse injuries among young athletes who train excessively. It also highlights the fact that there is an increase in overuse injuries among youth athletes who specialise early... Read More
iCoachKids: Understanding Growth And Maturation
This article contains a video on growth and maturation and how it affects young athletes. The video addresses the challenges of growth and maturation and provides ideas on how to cater to these athletes' particular stage of development, ability and impairments... Read More
  ‘So What Is Developmentally Appropriate Sport?' By Richard Bailey
The author explains what developmentally appropriate coaching is and emphasises how training youth athletes and adult athletes are distinctly different... Read More
Growth Maturation
This video helps coaches understand the key issues around growth and maturation in a talent developing environment. It explains how the lack of understanding on growth and maturation can lead to injuries (overuse or traction/stretch) as well as impact the attitude and self-belief of young athletes... Read More
  Youth Physical Development Model
This video draws a relationship between a child's stage of development to the level of sport they should be participating at. It suggests that youth coaches match training activities to the youth’s maturation stage instead of the chronological age... Read More
iCoachKids: How Children Grow And Develop
Articles in this iCoachKids' webpage look at how children undergo different stages of development and should not be treated like little adults. When introducing sport to a child, we should cater to their developmental stage. This webpage contains links to other resources including how to plan an age-appropriate training session... Read More
  iCoachKids: Are Late Developers Really At A Disadvantage?
This article points out that coaches shouldn’t neglect the smaller and developmentally slower players because they could possess unrealised potential... Read More

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