Dear Youth Hockey: 5 Things You Need To Change
This article presents what needs to change in the ice hockey ecosystem for the best interest of the young athletes participating in the sport... Read More
  Study: 70 Percent Of Kids Stop Playing Sports By 13 Years Old
This article reports that the participation levels in youth sport is declining. The article lists possible reasons like pressure from coaches, parents and friends, and punishments for mistakes. It also points out that the stress which the current generation feels come from their mothers... Read More
Fun – Not Winning – Essential To Keep Kids In Sports
The number 1 reason why kids are dropping out of sports is because it is no longer “fun”. The researchers discovered 81 “fun” factors that appeal to the students and winning was not considered as one of them. The researchers also developed a concept map for coaches to help inject more fun in lessons... Read More
  Why Kids Quit Sports
This article provides reasons on why kids are quitting sports and it includes reasons like:
  • It’s no longer fun
  • No ownership of the experience
  • Lack of playing time
  • Afraid to make mistakes 
  • Feel disrespected.
Read More
Why Is Goal Setting Important
This article addresses 2 main theories, namely Goal Setting Theory and Action Plan Theory. Goal Setting Theory covers the setting of specific goals and its importance as well as what can be achieved by setting them. Action Plan Theory describes setting a designated plan for the individual to meet both short and long term goals. The article also highlights the need for SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time... Read More
  Other Voices: We Are Taking The Fun Out Of Youth Sports
This article is about how youth sport is becoming more focused on the outcomes rather than the process. Youth sport is becoming oriented around achievements and is lacking the element of fun in play and sport. It provides recommendations on how to change this aspect of youth sport... Read More
  Struggling to Stay Inspired to Play Tennis?Let Us Help
This article addresses the challenges of staying motivated in tennis, and also provides sound strategies to overcome these challenges... Read More
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