Singapore's Athlete Development Pathway

This segment presents the Athlete Development Framework (Foundation, Development, Excellence, and Sustainability) and highlights the key guiding principles of talent identification and development of each stage.

Joanna Li

Talent Identification and Development Specialist, NYSI

Holistic Ecological Approach (HEA) of Talent Development in Kayak Sprint: Case Study of the Kayak Junior Team Environment

NYSI’s Performance Pathway Manager will be taking us through how Singapore’s Kayak Sprint National Development Team have developed their environment in supporting youth athletes.

Lewis Chew

Performance Pathways Manager, NYSI

Lessons from the UK -  An Overview of Pathways from Junior Sport Participation to High-Performance Sports

The athlete pathways within UK Sport are examined and discussed to help us better support our athletes as we navigate them to achieve their sporting goals.

Dr John Alder

Head of Performance Pathways, English Institute of Sport

Navigating the System: An Athlete's Perspective

Learn how both athletes and stakeholders can promote inclusivity and minimise talent leakages through the Talent Transfer Life Cycle Framework.

Dr Tracy Rea

Former Performance Director, Scottish Gymnastics 

Finding Talent within the System: Successful Talent Transfer in Singapore

Bringing the concepts learnt overseas back to our shores, NYSI’s performance pathway manager, Joan Yuliani, will share about talent transfer in Singapore through NYSI’s Talent Optimisation Programme.

Joan Yuliani

Performance Pathways Manager, NYSI